Free Cloud Servers

When opting for cloud hosting, clients are renting virtual server space rather than renting or purchasing physical servers. These typically can cost a ton of money…. here’s how to set one up for free.

I enjoy playing around with different server stacks from time-to-time and was looking for a cloud provider to help me in the process, without having to continually purchase & manage new setups. Enter OpenShift, by Red Hat. OpenShift is “a next-generation cloud application platform that makes it easy to develop, deploy, and scale applications in the cloud – public or private.””

What that means is, with OpenShift you can build, deploy and manage just about any server stack for your application/website within minutes…. for free! Yes that’s right. It is 100% free. Of course, you are limited to the amount of storage / # of applications per account, but this is an incredible service to use as a developer environment or development playground.

With the free account, you are allotted 1GB storage / “Gear”. OpenShift “Gears”” are basically your environment to run your application (your specified stack). In the free tier, you are allotted 3 total gears, 512 MB memory, 1GB storage / Gear. The great thing is, if the application needs more resources, it can be configured to automatically scale for a price per usage fee.

Give it a try today at: